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General Directorate of the Ministry of Justice

 The General Directorate of the Ministry of Justice is constituted of the:
Committee of Legislation & Consultations
Committee of Cases
Institute of Judicial Studies
Directorate of Judges & Employees’ Affairs
Audit Office
Directorate of Prisons
Department of Delinquent Juveniles Reform
Department of Forensic Medicine and Criminal Evidences

Institutional bills
The General Directorate of the Ministry of Justice is noted in the legislative decree number 151 dated 16/09/1983 and amended by the legislative decree number 23 dated 23/03/1985.
The Chairman
The General Directorate of the Ministry of Justice is handled by a judge appointed by the Cabinet upon the proposal of the Minister of Justice among the judicial judges of seventh grade at least or administrative judges of the equivalent grade.
He shall reserve his membership to the judicial system. And he can be appointed among the employees of the first grade and from outside the personnel among those holding the Bachelor’s Degree at Law.
The Director General is the senior hierarchical president under the authority of the minister, and within the scope of the laws and regulations, of all the committees, departments, administrative units constituting the Ministry of Justice and all the employees working at this General Directorate. In addition to the competences granted to him by the laws and regulations and mainly the two legislative decrees number 111 dated 12/06/1959 and 112 dated 12/06/1959.
The Director General will take care of the good procession in all the units constituting the General Directorate, coordinate the works among them and control their execution and he is entitled for this purpose to take all the measures and necessary decisions and he helps the minister in the tasks conferred upon him.
The current General Directorate of the Ministry of Justice is Judge Mayssam Noueiri.


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