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The Bureau

 1.1.7 The bureau
The bureau is one of the units of the general directorate of the Ministry of Justice. This unit was created and its framework was drawn by the legislative decree number 151 of 16/09/1983 amended by the legislative decree number 23 of 23/03/1985 which stipulated in its two paragraphs of article 28 the following:
“An administrative employee ranked president of the service chairs the bureau service. The … organizes theThe bureauand determines its tasks, authorities and its personnel by a decree taken at the Cabinet upon the recommendation of the Minister of Justice.” But till this date no organizational decree was issued, and it becomes necessary to work on its issuance in the light of the administrative organization general principles and the nature of the work at the Ministry of Justice. Service Task:
The bureau is responsible to ensure the needs of the judicial departments and committees in the central administration, palaces of justice and the maintenance and furnishing of its premises, the publications, supplies and the collections of laws, books and legal magazines, the establishment of public libraries in Beirut and the preservation of its assets and putting them at the disposal of the justice, care of the cleansing. This service handles as well the maintenance of engagement among the Ministry of Justice, committees, international and regional Arab and foreign organizations with all the contribution required in the preparation of conferences and meetings and the exchange of communications.

Service jobs
The works undertaken by the service vary as the following:
They consist of clerk works, incoming and outgoing mail reception, its registration with the special registers (record of different formalities, consultations register, and register of pardon, retrial, transfer of case and restitution, working hour record, register of the delivery of formalities within the ministry and outside the ministry) then to ensure its execution and its referral to the competent authorities in addition to instruments and the works of clerkship.

The court service handles the following tasks:
  • To work out the draft of the balance sheet based on the suggestions of the competent units.
  • To prepare the semester account.
  • To organize the projects of contract related to the expense upon request of the presidents of units.
  • To organize the payrolls, wages, compensations, bonuses and allowances.
  • To undertake the formalities of liquidation
  • To pay in full the transfers and ensure the payment of due amounts at time.
  • To audit, strike off salaries and compensate of presence after the preparation of schedules and the organization of salaries attestations
  • To follow up the works with the Ministry of Finance and particularly the service of disbursement.
  • To pay and register the orders of payment issued by the department of transfers in the Ministry of Finance.
  • To ensure the work of the social security and the compensations relevant to the wage earners of the Ministry of Justice and the contractors.

Revisions and Complaints
  • To receive the revisions of the professionals, their complaints and refer them to the competent authorities and wait for its results.
  • To submit the record of revisions and complaints to the chairman of the board of directors at least once per month.
  • To inform the concerned party where needed about the results of their revisions and complaints.

The court service handles:
  • The administration of publications and magazines released by the Ministry of Justice including the collections of laws, judicial bulletin and the official gazette and other.
  • The administration of libraries
  • The provision of publications, legal collections and legal books and their distribution upon request.
  • The organization of the projects of data, declarations, ads and notifications.

Supplies and maintenance
The court service:
  • Takes care of the furniture, publications and office supplies
  • Engages premises and provides their needs
  • Ensures the guardianship of the premises and their cleaning
  • Provides the required works for the leased premises.
  • Receives the stationary and verifies the validity of the delivered quantity, its quality and distributes them among the courts clerk offices and departments.

Conferences and external relations
The service ensures the engagement with the international committees through the preparation of participation means in international conferences and the contribution in their organization with the cooperation of the ministry of foreign affairs.

  • Arranges the documents and records by order of subjects and sources and preserve them.
  • Organizes the warehouses of the Ministry of Justice

Computerization and Data Processing
The service handles:
  • The documentation of legal texts
  • The documentation of judgments.
  • The computerization of the personal files relevant to the judges, employees, wage earners, notaries public and experts.
  • The computerization of the libraries
  • The computerization of the archives and all the other works that may be computerized.


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