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Directorate of Prisons

On 11/02/1949, the decree number 14310 was issued to organize the prisons and to submit them to the power of the Ministry of Interior.
And whereas the modern point of view towards the sentence preventing freedom and the jail, radically evolved, because the purpose of the sentence is no more restricted to the punishment of the criminal but it tends to correct him, treat his delinquency and rehabilitate him in order to integrate him again as correct individual in the society. In addition, the jail was no more such a strong and isolating castle but it becomes a social school (institution).
The idea to transfer the administration of prisons from the Internal Security Forces to the Ministry of Justice was brought into light by the decree number 17315 of 28/08/1964 which created an administration known as prisons administration and it was directly linked to the Minster of Justice. Then, article 29 of the legislative decree number 151 of 16/09/1983 that was amended on the organization of the Ministry of Justice stated that the directorate of prisons will be in charge of the prisoners’ affairs, takes care of them, rehabilitates them, implements the prisons systems, determines their tasks, authorities and the personnel therein by virtue of the decree issued by the Cabinet upon the suggestion of the Minister of Justice provided that an official will chair this directorate to be appointed by virtue of a decree upon the recommendation of the Minister of Justice.
Finally, it is worth to mention that till this date the above-mentioned decree is not yet issued and this explains the practical fact that the prisons are affiliated to the Ministry of Interior.  


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