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International Cooperation

Overview of the Office on International Cooperation (OIC) at the Ministry of Justice

The Office on International Cooperation was established by virtue of a decision issued by the Minister of Justice on September 1st, 2021. Headed by a specialized judge, the Office oversees sending and receiving the Mutual Legal Assistance Requests (MLAs) through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, including, inter alia, requests related to transnational organized crimes, corruption crimes and crimes listed in the Anti-Money Laundering Law. These requests are sent by and to the local competent authorities, whether the Public Prosecution at the Court of Cassation or the Civil Courts. Examples of such requests include investigation, testimonials, interrogation, provisional conservatory seizure, confiscation of assets and seizure of relevant returns, and extradition. The Office determines the “procedural requirements” of the requests for assistance, prima facie, and coordinates with the concerned authorities to rectify the shortcomings, in preparation to sending them to local and international competent authorities. The Office applies the rules and procedures set in the Ministry of Justice Guide on International Cooperation with the Lebanese Republic. MLA Requests are accessible within the boundaries set by the Law on Access to Information. The Office tracks the requests sent by and received from foreign and local authorities. The tables and data below (2019-2023) highlight the requests for international cooperation (mutual legal assistance and extradition), issued and received as per the year, country and subject of request.

Mutual Legal Assistance Request

Extradition Request

- 2019-2023 Statistics   - MLA statistic 2019-2023


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