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Legal texts

  • The Code of the Military Judiciary number 24 dated 13/04/1968, in a later date, amendments were issued on some of its articles as per the following laws: law number 1/71 dated 22/01/1971, law executed by virtue of the decree number 1460 dated 08/07/1971 and amended by virtue of the legislative decree number 142 dated 16/09/1983 and the law number 306 dated 03/04/2001.
  • The Legislative decree number 110 issued on 30/06/1977 related to the determination of the competence of the military judiciary in crimes committed involving the elements of the interior security forces, general security and the relevant civil officers, amended as per the law number 148 dated 06/05/1992.
  • The law on the establishment of a special security court number 2/78 dated 15/02/1978.
  • The Law on the termination of the tasks of the special security court issued by virtue of the decree number 603 dated 19/05/1983.
  • The law of the Judicial Judiciary, issued by virtue of the legislative decree number 150 dated 16/09/1983.


It is the law which deals with the determination and the organization of the Military Courts including the competences and the procedures to be followed therein. It is as well the law that determines the military penalties and the crimes.


Among the first objectives of this law is to inflict a fast and certain punishment on the perpetrators of crimes falling within its competence, since that the value and the effectiveness of the law reside in the fastness of the punishment more than its severity


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