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Projects for Modernization Back

Automation process

 It is considered the primary entrance to the operation of the development of the judicial work and its modernization, and it raises several challenges in terms of the preparation of the human elements qualified to deal with these challenges as well as the issue of the necessary financing since it is an expensive operation.

The computer training center at the Ministry of Justice
It was established at the Ministry of Justice since several years, and it was equipped by the Bank of Lebanon and it does include 18 advanced computers with a screen placed to train all the current judges as well as the trainee judges from all the palaces of justice. The responsibility for the training at the center was conferred to a highly specialized technical expert, the engineer David Salloum, holder of several diplomas mainly from the Microsoft company, in addition to an MBA from the University of Cambridge in Great Britain which thesis covered the subject of “The principles of computer training and its usage in the continuous development”.

The computer center has completed the training of a large number of judges (more than 575 judge during 7 years) and a large number of employees on several elementary and operational programs of which :
- Windows
- Microsoft Office
- Internet Explorer

And the results of the executed training programs are clear since a large number of existing judges as well as the trainee judges do now type their judgments, studies and missions and others using the laptops that they have acquired.

The computer library at the Ministry of Justice

The computer library at the Ministry of Justice was equipped with large collection of legal Lebanese and French databases that include legislative texts and a very large collection of selected studies and jurisprudence articles in addition to the official gazette and the documented minutes of the parliament and these databases are :
- Hamourabi
- The advisor in the law (AL-MUSTASHAR)
- The Official Gazette
- The minutes of the parliament

The project of computerization of the Court offices

Among the principal projects that the Ministry of Justice has launched, in cooperation with the office of the Minister of State for the administrative development affairs is the project of the computerization of the Court Bureaus and putting in place programs to administer the file of the lawsuit on the computers. The purpose of this project is to document all the information of the data of lawsuit and the detailed information pertaining to it in terms of its litigants and its progress and its phases and documents as well as the pleadings presented in it and the decisions issued in it… and therefore to be able to follow up and monitor the progress of this lawsuit and to be able to search for it efficiently and to obtain information about it in a fast and easy manner and to prepare the reports as well as the statistical statements in a full and periodic manner to present them to the judicial inspection committee and to all the judicial competent authorities. In other words the paper documents will be replaced with computer means to keep the statements regarding the judicial lawsuit and to facilitate the direct access to these lawsuits thru a computer instead of manually looking for their files. And all the palaces of justice will be connected thru one network with the other administrations of the state which would ensure the exchange of the judicial data with efficiency and speed and a high level of security.

The Greek company that undertook the job finished the preparation of the study regarding the comprehensive periodical plan to computerize the courts bureaus. This study includes all the aspects in terms of determining all the requirements to proceed with the project of computerization of the courts bureaus, the specifications of the equipments and the computer program as well as determining its functions and designing the networks and the means to connect them and the ways to execute this plan as well as its stages and finally to prepare the booklet of stipulations on the basis of which the granting of the concession would be given.

The finalization of the study was delayed due to the difficult circumstances which the country is going thru and because of the objection of the Ministry of Justice on the manner of the execution of the project by the Greek company and because of the existence of deficiencies and inadequacies in the manners of execution and the documents submitted.

In November 2007 the office of the State Minister for the Administrative development affairs and the Ministry of Justice received the pre-final copies of the project after the modifications accomplished by the Greek company upon remarks presented by the Ministry of Justice. These documents still contain certain deficiencies in some of their aspects and others which were dropped by virtue of the conciliation agreement concluded between the Ministry of Justice and the Greek company after the reduction of the cost of the project. The Ministry of Justice will undertake to compensate for the deficiencies and accomplish the required modifications and modernization to the documents submitted in order to put a final comprehensive plan and prepare the final booklets of stipulations to grant the concession and launch the operation of modernization of the courts bureaus efficiently.

The Computer Center at the Ministry of Justice

This in addition to the computer center at the Ministry of Justice which provides the necessary support and maintenance to the computers and programs used in the Ministry and courts as well as preparing some programs and data and improving them internally.


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