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The function of inquisition judge before the Military Court shall be handled by a judge or more ranked inquisition judge in the personnel of the judicial judiciary (of a grade equal to the fourth grade and above, according to the last amendments of the law of judicial judiciary) or an officer or more among those graduated at law.

It is worth to notice that the law did not determine the rank of the graduate officers who can be appointed and in compliance with article eight of this law, it is more suitable and with reserve to the order and the senior, that the inquisition judge will be an officer graduate at law who has a higher rank than the defendant.

It remains to indicate that the headquarters of the military investigation department will be at the headquarters of the permanent military court.
And it is worth to note that there is before the military court a first inquisition judge to whom the cases will be referred by the commissioner and he proceeds to distribute them among the other inquisition judges as it is the case in the judicial judiciary.


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