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Disciplinary Council

The disciplinary council is an administrative committee that renders executive decisions of judicial quality.
This council examines the serious contraventions in behavior involving officers and its decisions admit appeal before the military cassation court only and within fifteen days as of the notification of the commissioner and the judged officer.

The Committee of Investigation

It is a committee designated by the Minister of National Defense upon the proposal of the Military Council at the beginning of every year, and it is constituted of three officers. This committee examines the serious contraventions involving the noncommissioned officers and individuals.

The report submitted by the committee of investigation cannot be subject to revision or brought in appeal, and does not have any judicial quality as it is the case with the decisions of the disciplinary council. However, this report is subject to objection by the concerned military person as per the application presented to the Command of the Army before the issuance of a decision by the Minister of Defense in this concern.


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