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The final legal decisions of the office can be reconsidered and brought in appeal by the means of revision.


The reconsideration can be requested in the following cases:
  • If it appears after the verification of another formality that an error, negligence, falsification or repeated registration occurred.
  • If documents or new matters appear that may change the decision.

The reconsideration will be carried out upon request of the prosecutor or the Minister of Finance in favor of the treasury, accountant, the competent employee, administration or the concerned committee.
This request of reconsideration does not hinder the execution of the decision brought in appeal but the office may decide to stop the execution of the decision upon the request of the accountant or the competent officer if it appears that such execution may cause serious damage and that the request of reconsideration is based on serious reason.
The committee that rendered the decision brought in appeal will examine the reconsideration request.


The decision admits cassation before the council of state for the non competence or violation of the procedures or the violation of the laws and regulations within two months as of the date of notification of the decision brought in appeal.
The claim of appeal shall be presented to the prosecutor before the Audit Office and the Minister of Finance in favor of the treasury, the concerned employee and administration or concerned committee.
In case of appealed decision, the office shall be bound by the decision of the council of state.


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