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Lebanese Judicial Gazette

 It was established at the Ministry of Justice per decree number 2138 on 23/10/1944 and its program was put in place per decision number 618 on 24/11/1944 in a way that the gazette started to be published the first of each month as of the beginning of year 1945.

This is how the Ministry of Justice started since that year to issue the judicial gazette and continued doing so under the consequent issuing of the laws and their modifications, the last of which was the issuing of the legislative decree number 23 on 23/03/1985 (which modified some of the provisions of the legislative decree number 151 on 16/09/1983) wherein this legislative decree included the subject of the issuing of the judicial gazette in article second which stated :

-1 The Minister of Justice has, based on the proposal of the director general, to form a commission which mission would be to issue the judicial gazette and document and publish jurisprudence and legal texts and to work on developing the intellectual and scientific movement in the field of law.
-2 An administrative employee or a judicial assistant and a clerk and an usher or a salaried by appointment from the General director would assist the commission…

Based on the above, the former Ministers of Justice have issued consequently decisions regarding the formation of a commission composed of a number of judges which mission is to issue the judicial gazette and in some instances which mission was to follow up the issuing of the numbers which issuing was late and to start the issuing of the numbers that should be issued and that due to the importance of the judicial gazette in terms of its content from the legal articles and the judgments issued by the judicial courts. Knowing that the selection of the judgments which will be published in the judicial gazette was done based on their importance or because they contain an important fundamental perspective or a new perspective or one that differs from the established jurisprudence or a detailed explanation or an explanation regarding a recent matter or a matter subject of a current judicial debate. And the benefit from publishing the judgments appears in the presentation of the judicial precedents in one subject or in one legal point and thru a period of time whereas this would enable the jurists (judges, lawyers, researchers…) to review, in the shortest period of time and in the least possible effort and thru a maximum period of time, the jurisprudence of the Lebanese judiciary in one legal point that applies to cases similar to the one to which a solution is sought whereas this solution will come in a justified decision that might constitute a new jurisprudence that will be added to the previous jurisprudences and would enrich the judicial heritage.

And this is how, the issuing of the judicial gazette continued under the applicable laws until the issuing of the last number in 1998 which was number nine whereas one number was issued each month – which is equal to twelve numbers a year – at an average of 1500 copy of each number knowing that in the most recent years one number was issued for every year or for several specific consecutive years, and in 1989 the three first numbers of the judicial gazette were issued.

The distribution of the judicial gazette to the judges and its marketing to others were done thru an office located in the first floor of the Ministry of Justice Building which constituted the bureau of the judicial gazette but thru the years the Ministry of Justice realized that there was an important problem regarding the distribution and marketing of the gazette in addition to the problem of its storing.

The ministry of Justice is currently preparing for the re-publishing of the judicial gazette consecutively as of the beginning of the year 2003 – in addition to the execution and publishing of the non-published numbers during the year 1989 and the one due since early 1998 but due to the problems that it faced in the past, the ministry found that it should adopt a new mechanism which is currently under-study mainly in terms of launching the judicial gazette thru electronic means and distributing it to subscribers thru internet as well as publishing – consecutively and yearly – on CD for usage on computers and associating it with special programs that will allow the user to obtain the information required easily and in a fast manner thru the usage of a research system that will offer to the provider the possibility of searching for information thru specific elements.

The main goal behind the issuing of the electronic copy of the official gazette and the computer programs is to provide a complete research system that will allow the user (judge, attorney…) to obtain the specific information thru complete appendixes for all the judgments registered on the CD.


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