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Projects for Modernization Back

The staff formation

 The European Union has offered a grant to Lebanon thru the ARAL program (Assistance to the rehabilitation of the Lebanese Administration) executed by the office of the Minister of State for the Administrative Development Affairs.

And the Ministry of Justice has benefited from this project which included, in addition to training 850 Judicial assistant, the preparation of the informative plan to computerize the judicial departments “Master Plan Informatique”.

A new project to develop the judiciary in Lebanon was created after dedicating the sum of 2.7 million euros for it under the title :

Strengthening the capacities of the Ministry of Justice – Support to professionalism.

Provided that it will be executed in the following manner.

• The goals of the project

This project aims at improving the qualifications of the heads of the departments and the judicial assistants.

The attention given to this category of the judicial body helps in granting these employees a higher level of professionalism and aims at making the process of justice more efficient.

Therefore the plan to develop the continuous formation of these judicial assistants covers the following goals :
- To determine the principal topics for the continuous formation, whether for the heads of the courts bureaus or for the judicial assistants.
- Preparing a continuous formation program which would be harmonious and modern and addressed to the heads of the court bureaus.
- Providing a number of qualified trainers in the teaching methodology.
- Establishing a continuous formation unit at the institute of Judicial Studies.

In addition to that, the project provides for :

- The organization of 20 formation sessions in the European Courts (aiming at exchanging expertise)
- Financing the purchase of references in the European law and subscribing in legal magazines that handle European Law in order to enrich the electronic library.

• Phases of the project

The project which aims at offering the advisory and technical support includes the following principal phases :

- Evaluating the current situation of the contributors in the judicial sector.
- Preparing formation programs for the trainers.
- The continuous technical and advisory support.
- The general and methodological training for 10 or 15 trainers.
- Organizing two formation sessions of 5 days each for 10 or 15 trainers.
- Organizing 20 lectures of applied formation (Replication ) which will benefit to 475 judges.
- Organizing 20 lectures of applied formation (Replication) which will benefit to 850 judicial assistant.
- Organizing 20 lectures of applied formation (Replication) which will benefit to 100 notary public, 200 expert in addition to other individuals who work in the judicial field.
- Organizing 40 lectures of applied formation (Replication) which will benefit to 1000 lawyer.

* The administration of the project

The ACOJURIS association (Agency of international judicial cooperation) was selected to execute the project and administer all its phases in view of its expertise in developing projects of international cooperation in the sector of justice and its readiness to provide the needed qualifications on all levels mainly the humanitarian, technical, logistic and financial level.


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