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Forensic Medecine & Evidence division

On 14/11/1946 the decree number 7384 regarding the forensic doctors and the determination of their competence was issued and a roster of their remuneration was enclosed, and on 10/03/1953 the division of forensic medicine was established and was attached to the ministry of Justice.

The Ministry of Justice since 2003 has taken a series of steps to improve the condition of the division of forensic medicine and forensic evidence mainly after that the legislative decree number 23/85 has added to its functions the matters related to forensic evidence (article 31 of that decree). Among these steps the formation of a committee of experts to study the situation of the forensic medicine and forensic evidence : And this committee has prepared a detailed report on the works accomplished from preparing the decrees and circulars and comparative studies between the forensic medicine in Lebanon and a number of developed countries in the field of forensic medicine mainly in terms of the principal requirements for the work of the forensic doctors.

The decree concerning organization the division of forensic medicine and forensic evidence :

The decree number 8076 was issued on 12/03/1996 which modified the principal decree that governs the forensic doctors and that by increasing the fees of the examination and autopsy for the forensic doctors as well as increasing the fees for the laboratory tests and x-rays and radiological testing, and the decree number 7384/1946 concerning the staff of the forensic doctors was modified several times, the last of which was per decree number 3272/2000.

Circulars that organize the work of forensic doctors :

The Minister of Justice has issued circulars that organize the work of forensic doctors and monitor the performance in the department. And he requested in those circulars from the forensic doctors to abide fully by the samples issued by the ministry and by the schedules of the rotation and to hold special records for every forensic doctor and to present copies of the reports organized to the division of forensic medicine, mainly the circulars issued on 21/06/2002 and on 29/03/2006 a circular was issued to all the private and public hospitals regarding the necessity of authorizing to the forensic doctors to take pictures of the cases examined by assignment from the competent public prosecutions.

Equipping the projects and laboratories

Coordination is done with the public hospitals to equip the morgues and laboratories to facilitate the work of forensic doctors knowing that the division deals in principle with the laboratories of the St. Joseph University and AUST and the laboratory of Dr. Aziz Gehchan and the Mazloum Hospital.

The continuous education

In 2007 a conference was held at the Kaslik University organized by Dr. Nagi Aibi (forensic doctor) that covered the subject related to forensic medicine and forensic doctors knowing that there is currently 81 forensic doctors.


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