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Commercial Register

Amidst the development occurring in the information technology field, the ministry of justice is trying to benefit from this thru the introduction of the computer systems to the work of the administration and to activate the performance and the manners to ensure the best usage of the information.

In this respect the Ministry of Justice, in cooperation with the office of the Minister of State for the Affairs of Administrative development has proceeded to develop a special computer system to computerize the work of the register of commerce at the Ministry of Justice, since the year 2002 and that based on a study prepared previously that has indicated the areas of deficiencies and the primitiveness of the methods and the daily registers and the used appendixes. This study aimed at moving the register of commerce to a complete system which will ensure the control of the administrative work and its simplification and the saving of time in addition of ensuring the obtention of the information and statistics in simple manners and in a maximum speed. The trial period of this system has started since March of 2002 and continued for one year whereas the work thru this new system started in most of the branches of the register of commerce and whereas the registration of companies is done now directly thru the computer.

The project is based on a comprehensive computer system and on a network of computers that connect all the branches of the register of commerce one to another to ensure the transfer of information whereas the new system is capable to provide a large number of services. The project has therefore ensured the connection of all the branches of the register of commerce thru one network and equipped it with new materials and modern computers and has prepared a full computer system which programs cover all the activities accomplished by the register of commerce starting with the presentation of a registration application and following up all the stages of this application till reaching the final approval and the issuing of the registration number. It does as well cover the modification operations as well as the fees and fines and registrations and others and allow the maintaining of an electronic copy of all the enclosed documents and their storage on special equipments per appendixes that allow the fast access to these documents. The new program as well permit the fast access to the information included in any file and the preparation of the statistics on different kinds of files thru programs prepared for this purpose and the exchange of information between all the branches of the commercial register.

The main services provided by this computer system are :

• To organize all the administrative procedures of the commercial register in terms of registering the companies and establishments and performing the modifications and the fees and fines and to monitor the phases of these formalities.
• To get informed about the registered companies thru their number or commercial name or thru any of the other data which was impossible before the existence of the computerization.
• To provide useful and essential information and statistics to the judiciary regarding all the files.
• To help the governmental and financial and control bodies thru connecting these agencies directly to the database and to present the information that they need.
• The possibility of obtaining the information thru any of the branches of the commercial register in all the provinces since they are all connected by a combined network.
• To enable the citizens to obtain the essential information to the companies and commercial establishments directly from the office or from the house thru internet and without the trouble of having to go to any of the branches of the commercial register.

And the necessary updating and the required modifications to the programs used at the commercial register are done continuously. And the Ministry of Justice is currently studying a comprehensive plan to put all the old files in the computer. And later on a special site will be established on internet that allows everybody to obtain specific information regarding the companies registered in the commercial register.


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